Jugend Shoulderpads

Xenith Xflexion Fly

Position: All Purpose
Größen: M, L, XL
Maße: S(12"- 13") M(13"- 14"), L(14"- 15"), XL(15"-16"), Schulterbreite in Klammern und Inches
Designed for all positions at youth, middle school and intermediate levels
The XFlexion utilizes Xenith’s patented Aware-Flow® Shock Absorber Technology
Floating sternum and spine protective plates, Lightweight injection molded plates retain anatomical form
Low-profile, High impact removable front and back pads
Flexible shock cord enables plates to move independently
Shoulder plates are unrestricted for full range of motion
Durable belt style chest straps with retention loop to hold straps down
The Xfelxion is designed for but not limited to skill position

Preis: 212,00 €

XENITH Xflexion Flyte

Position: All Purpose
Größe: M, L
TDesigned for all positions at youth levels, Low-profile and lightweight
Floating sternum protective plate, High impact foam padding
Flexible shock cord enables plates to move independently

Preis: 165 €

Bike Rattler Shoulderpad Youth

Position: All Purpose
Größen: XXS: 24-26"(10-12"); XS: 26-28"(11-12"); S: 28-30"(12-13")
Brustumfang in Inches; Schulterbreite in Klammern und Inches
Thick dual foam padding (20 mm total thickness). Webbed snubbers to keep epaulets down for better lateral vision
Storm proof nylon taffeta to disperse moisture. Durable steel spring arch

Preis: 35,00 €

Riddell Quest Youth

Position: All Purpose
Größen: S, XL
Flat Pad Design, Z-Fit Belting System, Soft-Shell Padding
Dished Epaulets, Woven PP Cap and Epaulet Straps

Preis: 76,00 €

Schutt Youth Flex 4.0 Schulterschutz

Position: All Purpose
Größen: XS(11"- 12")Brust 26-28", S(12"-13")Brust 28-30", M(13"- 14")Brust 30-32", XL(15"-16")Brust 34-36", XXL(16"- 17")Brust 36-38"
Schulterbreite in Klammern und Inches
Eigenschaften: Ein Superleichtes Kinder Pad für die Alterklasse 8 - 12/13 Jahre.
A lightweight, all purpose design for the exceptional youth athlete looking for varsity style protection. The extended body length adds extra protection.
The Y-Flex 4.0 design is meant for all positions. The arches give protection while allowing range of motion and extra length front cushions for added protection
The raised corrugation provides added strength to the arch in key hitting areas.
The integrated clavicle channel blocks give an added layer of protection around the shoulder.
Perforated dual-density padding combined with breathable mesh and 7mm vent holes in the arches makes the Y-Flex 4.0 body cushion breathable
and allows max air flow keeping you cooler than most youth pads.
The adjustable elastic belt features attachment to the arches at three points.

Preis: 89,90 €

Riddell Pursuit Youth

Position: All Purpose
Größe: M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
Intergrated Deltoid Pads, Z-Fit Belting System
Flat Pad Design, Extended Arches
Removeable/Adjustable Bodies, Woven PP Caps And Epaulet Straps

Preis: 99,00 €

Douglas Commando Youth

Position: All Purpose
Größe: L, XL
This Douglas football shoulder pad features a lightweight, low-profile design.
Shock-absorbing cantilever design
Dual density construction assists in energy absorption and dispersion
Extended front offers more protection for the sternum

Preis: 65,00 €

Douglas Commando New Style Youth

Position: All Purpose
Größe: ausverkauft
The Douglas Commando is a lightweight, low-profile shoulder pad at an economical price. Due to the fact that youth football players
are not muscularly developed, “Flat Pads” are not recommended for them. Therefore, the Commando is constructed featuring a shock
absorbing cantilever design, reducing the energy absorbed by the players body. The dual density construction will also assist in
the energy absorption and dispersion aspects of the shoulder pad. The Commando features an extended front, adding more protection for the sternum.

Preis: 69,00 €

All Star SPT1500 Catalyst S-Pad Youth

Position: All Purpose
Größe: S (28 - 30")
Soft neck padding and wide opening, Removable padding system allows for easy cleaning
Extended front arch pads with external “Kick Plates”, Rivet-free pads (no rivets against body)
Wide cantilever straps isolate shoulders from impact, Plastic subarch for low profile fit
Spring action epaulets stay in postion, Solid closed back construction
Dual density closed cell corrugated air cell padding, AEGIS Microbe Shield® kills bacteria

Preis: 92,00 €

Schutt Mid Flex 4.0 Schulterschutz

Lieferbar: S, M, L
Position: AP
Größen: Small 120-135 lb. (14-15")Brust 32-34", Medium 135-150 lb. (15-16")Brust 34-36", Large 150-165 lb. (16-17")Brust 36-38", X-Large 165+ lb. (17-18")Brust 38-40"
Schulterbreite in Klammern und Inches
The Mid Flex™ is a premium shoulder pad for the junior high or youth player.
Youth shoulder pad made for use at all positions
Heat and moisture management system through breathable mesh, 7 mm vent holes and dual-density padding
Three-point belt system attaches to the arches at three points and provide a snug fit
Antimicrobial treatment prevents the spread of bacteria and mold
Raised corrugations for more strength in key hitting areas
Integrated clavicle channel for extra protection around the shoulder
Over the shoulder arches for maximum protection

Preis: 102,50 €

Douglas Junior JP36

Position: Great for all positions
Größe: L, XL
Featuring double hook-ups and an extended shell design, this pad provides a snug and comfortable fit for taller junior players.
The extended shell design delivers maximum shoulder and torso protection.
The sleek profile provides better mobility and arm extension needed for all positions.
Featuring Air-Management

Preis: 135,00 €

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