Wilson AFVD Official German Ball F1000

Offizieller Spielball des deutschen Footballverbandes

Preis: 99,00 €

Wilson NFL F1100 The Duke

Superior gripability and durability, Excellent air retention, Official ball of the NFL

Preis: 109,00 €

Wilson GST Leather Ball

Der GST Leder Ball ist der offizielle Spielball der NCAA und einzigartig in der Herstellung.
Exklusives Wilson® Leder mit hochwertigem und haltbarem Ledermaterial
Kreiert für Leistungssport auf höchstem Niveau, Ausgezeichnete Griffigkeit und Beständigkeit
Exzellente Luftrotation , Größe ca. 30 cm lang / 18 breit,Leder ist ein Naturprodukt und bedarf einer Pflege.

Preis: 99 €

Wilson WTF1320B GST TDY Youth Leather Ball

Using the same technology as the official sized GST balls the TDY GST combines the classic TDY pattern with Game Saving Technology.
The GST is the only American Football ball to offer patented sewn in stripes and ACL composite leather laces.
Combined with exclusive Wilson GST leather, the GST offers one of a kind game saving technology.
Wilson is the #1 name in American Football and offers the best selling game American Football ball in the country and are approved in all youth leagues.
GST is the softest leather American Football ball on the market, with a unique feel and distinct light brown color.
The ball is also easier to control thanks to a high level of tack.
Patented sewn-on stripes are composite material instead of paint, and provide 82% more grip to aid release for more accurate throws.
Patented Accurate Control Lacing (ACL), which is pebbled instead of smooth, provides 174% more grip in all conditions.
The same skilled hands that sew every NFL leather American Football ball also make every leather GST. This exceptional craftsmanship results in unmatched quality control.

Preis: 79 €

Wilson GST Leather PRACTICE Football WTF1233B

Der GST Leder Ball für den Trainingseinsatz entwickelt. Passform ist identisch zum NFL oder AFVD Ball.
Exklusives Wilson® Leder mit hochwertigem und haltbarem Ledermaterial
Kreiert für den Trainingseinsatz, Ausgezeichnete Griffigkeit und Beständigkeit
Exzellente Luftrotation , Größe ca. 30 cm Lang / 18 breit
Leder ist ein Naturprodukt und bedarf einer Pflege. Siehe hier auch das Wilson PREP KIT

Preis: 69 €

Spalding J5V Silver Spielball

Größe: Senior
HORWEEN ® leather cover, TPR composite lace, Water resistant liner
Blue Mountain Thread 100% Butyl bladder
Echtes Leder

Preis: 64,50 €

Wilson WTF1780XB GST Composite

Premium Composite Version Of The 1003 GST
Exclusive Ultimate Grip, Composite Leather, Collegiate Pattern
ACL Laces, Replica of No. 1 GST American Football ball, Perfect for matches and training
Colour: Brown

Preis: 35,00 €

Wilson TDS

The Wilson TDS Official Composite Football is designed with a host of features to provide you with the perfect
all-purpose football for high school competitive play. The Ultimate Grip composite leather cover and thick,
pebbled composite leather laces

Preis: 35,00 €

Wilson TDY F1714X Youth Ball

Composite leather, ACL lacing system for better grip and control for youth players.

Preis: 29,90 €

Wilson TDJ F1713X Junior Ball Leather

Eigenschaften: Länge 28 cm, Umfang 47 cm
Exclusive desper pabble for added grip, Improved grip over traditional painted stripes
Pabble composite for 174% more grip, Consistent shape and durability
Best air retention and moisture control, Junior size for 9 - 12 years old
Perfect to use for matches, Colour: Brown

Preis: 69,00 €

Wilson TDJ F1713X Junior Ball

Eigenschaften: Länge 28 cm, Umfang 47 cm
Exclusive Piloflex composite leather cover with high definition pebble
Patented ACL laces, Multi-layered lining, Butyl rubber bladder

Preis: 29,00 €

Wilson NFL Duke Replica F1825XB

Premium Composite leather, Patented ACL lacing, System tackified surface, Designed for recreational play.

Preis: 27,90 € Official Size

Wilson NFL Throwback 32 Team Logo

32 Team logos, Throwback style, Synthetic leather, Adult/official size

Preis: 29,00 € Official Size

Wilson NFL Extreme

Synthetic leather football designed for recreational play with excellent durability and soft feel.

Preis: 19,90 € Official Size, 16,00 € Junior Size

Wilson NFL BLACK Jack WTF1846

NFL Jet Black Football Ball All Black Version Lacess Black und Druck - Grau/Silber Limited Version.
Offizielle Größe. Das Bild dient der Veranschaulichung. Abweichungen sind möglich.

Preis: 19,00 € Official Size, Youth Size 16,50€

Wilson MVP Football F1411X

Football aus synthetischem Leder. Geeignet für Freizeitspieler. Ball Official Size

Preis: 12,50 €

Wilson NFL Football WTF1858

Senior Football mit NFL Logo in Silber, Kreiert für das Freizeitspiel und Sammler

Preis: 21,00 €

Spalding J5V Composite Ball

Größe: Senior
High grade composite leather cover, TPR composite lace,
1-ply water resistant liner 100% Butyl bladder

Preis: 34,00 €

Spalding J5Y Composite Ball

Größe: Youth Ball
High grade composite leather cover, TPR composite lace,
1-ply water resistant liner 100% Butyl bladder

Preis: 34,00 €

Spalding J5J Composite Ball

Größe: Junior Ball, Länge 26 cm, Umfang 47 cm
High grade composite leather cover. TPR composite lace.
1-ply water rsistant liner. 100% Butyl bladder.
Recommended for 9-11 year old players.

Preis: 32,00 €

ASR-1 Trainingsball Nylon

Größe: Senior
Gummioberfläche vulkanisiert, gestreckte Nylonschicht, Butylluftkammer und Butylventil, sehr griffige Oberfläche .

Preis: 9,00 €

Wilson NFL Miniball

Größe: 16 cm lang
4 panel design.

Preis: 9 €

NFL CP BX TEam Logo Ball Youth

Größe: 20 cm lang, 41 cm Umfang
4 panel design.
Teams: Steelers, Cowboys, Raiders

Preis: 5,90 €

Wilson NFL Mini Team Logoball

Eigenschaften: Peewee Size, Synthetic leather, für Freizeit und Sammler
Teams: alle 32 NFL Teams

Preis: 9,00 €

Markwort Strongarm Trainingsball

Größe: Senior
Gummiball mit einem Gewicht von 634 gr.(22oz.), verbessert die Wurfkraft des Quarterbacks.

Preis: 19,00 €

Spalding Autogrammball

Größe: Senior
1 composite, 3 synthetic panels zum beschriften

Preis: 28,00 €

Wilson Game Ball Prep Kit

besteht aus einem Speziellen Wachsstange und passender Bürste für die Ballpflege. Nach dem Einsatz steigert man den Grip am Ball.
Eine Dauerhafte Pflege laut Hinweis kann die Haltbarkeit des Footballs erhöhen.
The Game Football Prep Kit is a wax bar and brush used to treat and condition leather to extend the life of game footballs.
The wax bar provides tack and the durable brush can withstand rough application and buffing. This process will ensure maximum tack for added gripability.
Includes wax bar and brush. Extends the life of leather game footballs

Preis: 29,00 €

Wilson Football Tack Spray 4 oz.

You only rack up yards after the catch, if you make the catch. Give yourself and your team the best chance to go long by
using our Tack Spray on your Wilson Footballs. A little bit helps bring out the tack, so you know your football will have the best grip every game day.
Spray light coat over each panel up to once a week
Brush in with approved Wilson Football Prep Brush
Wipe nozzle clean after every use
Optimal for leather or composite footballs

Preis: 13,90 €

Wilson Football Conditioner 8 oz. Tube

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Make sure your football is prepared for every snap with the Ball Prep Conditioner.
Proper use conditions the leather for improved grip and helps to extend the life of your football.

Preis: 13,90 €

Wilson Pro Kick Holder

You know when the kick is good from the moment you make contact. Because you've made this kick so many times before.
Practice like you play with the adjustable Pro Kick. Its durable, metal construction holds up well, and with the game on the line, so will you.
Ball NOT included

Preis: 27,50 €

Kicking Tee

Größe: 1" und 2"

Preis: 6 €

Kicking Plate

Größe: 1" und 2"

Preis: 5 €

SKLZ Universal Kicking Tee

The Universal Kicking Tee is perfect for high school and collegiate use with multiple height options.
This allows the kicker to gradually transition toward kicking off the ground. The two durable rubber pieces can be configured in four different ways;
as a solo kick-off tee for regular or on side kicks at 1 inch or 1.75 inches, or as a kicking block for field goals with a holder at 1 inch or 1.75 inches.

Preis: 14,90 €

Wilson Adjustable Kicking Tee Black/ Orange

Adjustable tee that twists from 1" to 2"
Designed for directional kicking and on-side kicks
Flipped over, can be used as a kicking block
Works on all surfaces

Preis: 14,90 €

Schutt Ball Pumpe

Ballpumpe. Nicht für Riddell Helmet geeignet da Nadel zu lang.

Preis: 6 €

Wilson 6 Pack Bag WTF918206

Besteht aus wasserfestem Polyester, verstärktem Boden,
Size = 24” L x 15” W x 12” H
Holds 6 footballs, Fleece lined
Removable EVA dividers to keep footballs warm and dry
Water resistant bottom, 600 Denier polyester

Preis: 64,90 €

Wilson All Sports Ball Bag

Wilson Ball Tasche mit Netz und festem Boden. Guter Aufbau und Platz für bis zu 18 Football Bällen.
SIZE: Holds up to 18 footballs, 8 basketballs, 16 volleyballs, or 12 soccer balls
DESIGN: Large drawstring opening
STORAGE: Zippered velvet-lined valuables pocket
GRAPHICS: Marked with Wilson official logo
COLOR: Universal black

Preis: 39,90 €

Spalding Ball Bag

Soft ball bag for 12 footballs, Maße: 72 x 50 x 24,5 cm, Color: black

Preis: 35,00 €

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